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Facade glazing

A variety of options outside glazing is practically unlimited. It is required the joint work of the architect, designer and project executive, in order to glazed facade functioned effectively and for a long time. For the project executive rests the task to choose the right glass, insulated glass, profile and sealants.

Facade constructions can be classified by the method of fixing glass panes. Glass facades can be a visible fasteners glasses, both horizontal and vertical and with hidden fasteners. There is also an intermediate option, when there are only horizontal or vertical divisions of aluminum profiles.

Post-girder system glazingPost-girder system glazing

One of the most popular types of translucent facades –  post-girder glazing.

Classic post-girder system includes a vertical load- bearing posts, to which the mechanically fastened horizontal bars.

Supporting structure of this design is from the inside warm side of curtain wall.

Depending on the task, these systems are filled with glazed or other framework.

Key benefits of a beam system glazing: universality, quick installation, a wide range of application, a variety of designs and colors.

Depending on the appearance, beam system are divided into:

  • standard - with decorative covers (visible elements approx. 50mm)
  • structural - the seams are performed without the use of decorative covers
  • combined - can be used both versions of glazing

Depending on the characteristics of the building and architectural solutions, our experts pick the depth of aluminum profiles, fastening methods, develop sites adjacencies.

Post-girder system glazing

Spider facade glazing system

Spider facade glazing systemThis type of glazing is one of the best solutions for the translucent facades.

This is modern technology and realized in the junction insulating glass without the use of racks and crossbars.

By bearing metal structures of steel or aluminum is mounted connector, stainless steel, so-called "spider".

This type of glazing allows architects and designers to realize the full sleek all-glass facade.

That provides maximum light transmission and visual lightness facade design and elegant appearance.
Our experts will help you not to get lost in a variety of translucent facades. It is important not only to convey the aesthetic idea of architect. Making the right choice, you can avoid heat loss, greatly reduce the penetration of noise from the street, to ensure safety standards, to protect the interior from the surplus of solar energy.