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Office partitions

Office partitions become a usual part of the modern office. Today it is the easiest and cheapest way to arrange office space as comfortable as possible. Office Partitions help to improve the efficiency of the team and make the business profitable. Therefore, we should carefully select the partitions. Correctly installed partitions can make room perfectly convenient and comfortable.

To use office partitions is a good way to save money while renovating an old building. It is possible to remove all the walls, dividing one room (leaving only supporting walls). In such a way they would be ideally combined with modern design solutions and existing technologies.

When ordering office partitions such information is needed: is soundproofing is needed, should pass the light through the barrier, color profiles and fillings, places of holders.

Considering type of installation and style there are such kinds of partitions:

  • Stationary partitioning
  • Mobile partitions

Stationary partitions –are office partitions with a hard mount to the walls and floor, filled with any material capable of resisting external influences, and have the possibility of chemical or wet cleaning. Stationary partitions are tend to replace capital office walls, they are quickly mounted and have soundproofing. That attachment to the walls and floor can replace the office walls, ceiling mount kit is optional.

Mobile partitions do not require any fastening to the floor or the walls. They can be moved independently around the office and change the configuration on the location of office furniture or work space. There are two methods of stabilization on the floor: installation on the legs and angular design (without legs). Filling: Particleboard, glass, plastic, polycarbonate, plastic laminated particleboard.

Options for filling office partitions:

  • Translucent;
  • Dull.

Glazing office partitions:

Glazing office partitions can be either single or double. Special sections allows the gasket inside the construction of office partitions, electrical, telephone and network cables.

It is possible to hide the installation of sockets and switches on both sides of office partitions on its vertical and horizontal elements.

Currently, all-glassed partitions are popular.

All-glassed walls are made of tempered glass in the form of fixed glass panels, which are fastened to the floor or ceiling and connected hardware elements.

Tempered glass is produced from a sheet of glass by heat treatment. After heat treatment, the strength of the glass increases 5-6 times.

Office partitions can have doors. Depending on the method of opening the doors of aluminum partitions are divided into and sliding and opening. Sliding office partitions are ideal for installation in small spaces. Sliding partitions can save space and use it to maximum advantage.

Showcases - is the separate group of partitions.

Showcases are made of a special profile in order to minimize the burden on the overall weight of the structure, and at the same time, maintain its strength at the required level.  Showcases are essential in shopping malls, stores, where there is a need to separate the place or  to demonstrate the goods in the best possible way.

USVT facade company brings to your office all modern technologies and original design solutions, high quality materials and services. A key point of the company is integrated approach to solving customer problems. A wide choice of design elements, color and texture making, creates a unique visual style of office partitions.