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Railings and awnings

As the theater begins with a hanger, so comfortable, sound house begins with a porch. There are no trifles in its construction. Everything is of great importance:canopies, awnings and railings. The use of aluminum structural components has several advantages:easy and fast installation, saving time and money, protection from damage, diverse design, wide range of applications.

Glass roofs and canopies

Our company offers the manufacture of canopies and awnings made of glass of various designs. Glass roofs and canopies can be made of different materials, existing on the market today. As a frame for glass canopies it is used stainless steel or structural steel. Cellular or solid polycarbonate is a modern and practical coating for glass canopies.

The common name of this type of products - the "glass canopy" or "glass canopy", but in reality, a cellular or solid polycarbonate can serve as modern and practical, covering.

Durable translucent roofs made of tempered glass sometimes looks better than their metal analogues. A glass canopy over the entrance to the building visually increases it, and creates a point of attention.

Aluminum handrails and railings are comfortable for their simple and fast installation.

Deep anodized aluminum railings and handrails, Gives noble shine of silver, gold, bronze, at the same time protect the railings and handrails from corrosion, mechanical damage and chemically-aggressive environments.

Stair railings can be additionally equipped with safety glass type triplex, honeycomb polycarbonate, Plexiglas or aluminum plates with different perforations, and railings made of wood or plastic.

It should be noted that the railings - a bright touch to an interior room or exterior of the building. Holder, along with other elements of decoration, shapes the appearance of the building (room) and gives it a stylistic originality.

Aluminum canopies, awnings, railings and banisters - the best way to combine exquisite style and advanced technical capabilities.