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Windows and doors

Aluminum windows and doors

Modern aluminum windows and doors have a wide scope of usage. They are used: in buildings of personal usage, in industrial facilities, in the shopping halls and in the office buildings.

Aluminum – is a lightweight and durable metal. It is excellent material for the manufacture of windows, doors and facade profiles. Aluminum constructions have almost unlimited possibilities. They can be installed in opening forms of the most complex configurations. They are very well suited for the elite of architectural projects. Lifetime of Aluminum constructions is much longer than of plastics or wooden ones.

Aluminum profiles are not subject to deformation and corrosion, and require no special care. Aluminum profiles are strong and durable. This profile meets all standards of noise and heat insulation.

The important role played by a variety of options staining profile, as well as a wide range of highly reliable hardware.

In carrying out construction and repair work on industrial and commercial facilities, aluminum profiles are usually chosen. Such choice is a result of high strength of those profiles. Aluminum windows and doors can carry a heavy burden. This makes it possible to make them much larger, in comparison with the wooden and PVC profiles. The degree of noise- and heat- insulation is achieved by adjusting the thickness and number of air chambers.

Thus, modern aluminum window systems provide an opportunity to keep pace with the times, performing a wide range of functional and aesthetic problems.