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Winter garden

Nowadays, a glass winter garden - is a popular architectural structure.

Winter Garden brings to the house an unique look, highlights its individuality. If you decide to build a winter garden, you get the chance to enjoy summer all year round!

Winter Garden of aluminum should be transparent and easy, but at the same time, sufficiently strong and tough. What is important is resistance to various influences, including mechanical and weather. Also there are important characteristics such as optimum light transmission, proper thermoregulation.

The choice of structural elements is based on static load calculation. But also, it is very important to take into account correct orientation of the winter garden on either side of the world, as well as the slope of the roof, the device effective ventilation, the choice of materials and methods of glazing.

Winter Garden - a special construction, which is quite different of a house.

There are two main elements in the construction of the garden: the vertical glazing and roof. The lateral (vertical) glazing sloping roofs should be unbreakable at the pieces, and it is a glazed facade. Inclined glass transmits the load on the seal located at the bottom, which should not be plastic.

There are high integrity requirements to the outer glazing, since constant contact with water.

Roof is more important and complex element of glazing. It has higher demands of strength and security. The front overhang of the roof should provide drainage of rain water. It is also important to take into account the climatic features of our band. Often the temperature difference on the surface of the transparent roof is not enough to melt the snow, and then it may be an effective additional heating gutters and downpipes, which is used in the construction of aluminum.

These measures will prevent the pressure of snow on the roof to keep it transparent, largely providing aesthetic characteristics of the winter garden.

Heat balance is very important for the full life of such a translucent construction.

It is used only "warm" aluminum profile, in order to avoid penetration of cold in heated winter gardens.   Any metal, including aluminum, has high thermal conductivity, therefore, reduce the heat loss, the inner (warm) part of the profile is isolated from the outside (cold) with a special insert - thermobridge. Depending on climatic conditions, thermal bridges can have different values and even design.

Operable windows and hatches located in the plane of the roof are very important elements for ventilation. They can be opend with a stick or remote control.

Winter Garden - not just a glass extension to the house. Complex solution of many problems can be realized only by professionals who will design, develop, manufacture and assemble translucent structures on the site.